Stainless steel hoods


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The hoods are made of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 430, with scotch brite surface (can also be made from aluminum or galvanized sheet).

Labyrinth filters are removable, easy to clean and are four types:
"a" with the size of 400x400mm
"b" with the size of 500x400mm
"c" with the size of 400x500mm
"c" with the size of 500x500mm
Depending on the size of the hood, the number and type of the filters are indicated in the table.

The hoods are provided with fat exhaust faucet.

They can be with an internal fan (in which case the fan's maximum flow is considered as a 3ml outlet pipe length) or with an external fan that we provide separately depending on the required flow.

We can also deliver drainage pipes (round or rectangular - see page "Ventilation duct") as well as filtration systems.