LBC steel chimneys

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It is mainly used for the connection between fireplaces, stoves or heat exchangers with a ceramic or brick chimney. They have a very good resistance to high temperatures due to the large thickness of the material. They are made by welding on the TIG machine.

These products are CE certified ( with no. 2204-CPR-0158 ).

Product name:

  • Linear element 1000mm
  • Linear element 500mm
  • Linear element 250mm
  • Elbow 90
  • Elbow 90 with cleaning mouth
  • Elbow 45
  • Adjustment flap
  • Wall Mounting Necklace
  • Rosette

Material used: LBC S235 JR steel sheet with 2mm thickness

Welding is performed on automated machines by the TIG process.

The elements are painted with thermo-resistant black paint.

Maximum temperature 400 C.

Minimum distance to 600mm combustible material

Range of diameters (mm): 120, 130, 150, 160, 180, 200

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